Saturday, June 12, 2010

Person of interest

Person of interest in the time immediately following Times Square. Bob Wright referenced him on a bloggingheads with Jim Pinkerton. Under Blair's "special permission", can this person be assassinated if the authorities feel that not killing them would lead to a greater number of deaths? Again you have an issue with accidental or deliberate false positives. If the authority is a disingenuous liar, maybe instead of breaking into Ellsberg's psychiatrist's office, they just whack Ellsberg because they feel like it, and then claim special permission. Ellsberg was actually engaging in war against the U.S. as a non-state actor with very few outward accoutrements or ways that you would know he was. Or, there is evidence that he was, but the evidence is classified.

Accidental false positives are also a problem.

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