Saturday, June 12, 2010


Another item for the "use of language to make it OK" list. People who are due to be deported can be held. There may be grey areas where someone does not receive constitutional protections because they aren't a citizen. I could have parts of this wrong - maybe they do. But I seem to remember someone pinpointing immigration-related detention as the unspoken end-run around habeas. Maybe it was the ACLU. The tone of whatever I read was, "Bush's GWOT gets more attention but have you heard about this other 'special category' which is even more pervasive..."

John Lennon comes to mind. Living in New York and criticizing the U.S. without a green card. In 2010 can Dennis Blair get 'special permission' to have Lennon whacked as a special, subtle kind of combatant in a war of ideas?

Ha, and McCartney was just at the White House singing "Michelle".

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