Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maher Arar / Association

Am I remembering wrong about Arar - he was associating with some people who may satisfy my doubts better? You can also say it's unreasonable to harm him for association. That's also terrifying. What's association? If I go to a bar with a friend, if I go to a biker/wallet-chain/Bettie Page bar, and I'm standing around with the friend, the friend's friends and the friend's friends' friends, and that third circle has some gun guys in it, fans of munitions or something, the chatter in the dark corners of dive bars on Saturday nights includes stuff I don't personally subscribe to, and I even grimace when they talk, but I'm still standing there, is that enough for Rohrbacher to say it's OK to pick me up and torture me?

It's my understanding that Al-Masri hadn't done a damn thing.

I wonder who brings these threads together. I should be looking at Marcy Wheeler's timelines.

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