Thursday, April 21, 2011


I have some speculative ideas about a time in a few years or a few decades when Wisconsin-style outrage could start to be recontextualized as domestic terror. As austerity measures are passed and a certain type of capitalist starts to do things they would have liked to do for a long time, but have now got their 'main chance', the people on the receiving end are going to get angry. I don't see how it can not lead to additional unrest and protests, if you roll back collective bargaining, if you erode U.S. worker protections, there will be an expression of the fury. And in response to the fury, what will happen? A convenient way to demonize people who are fighting just to *keep* the 40-hour week or the U.S. minimum wage would be to take advantage of 00's terror powers that, in the words of Bruce Fein, lie around like a loaded gun. Just recast protestors and union advocats as enemy combatants and the gloves can come off. May not happen, but it seems to me that the ingredients are there. I don't know, how is it usually done in the case of 'economic hitman' work and a typical IMF restructuring story? How do the people respond when the safety net is eroded in return for bailouts, and how does the state treat it? I'd like to make additional posts with some real precedents so that the focus of the blog stays 'reality based,' with an emphasis on documenting.

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